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Fall is the time for…

Friday, September 11th, 2009

A great lawn doesn’t just happen; it is thought about and planned and then executed according to the plan.
Do you have a plan for your landscape yet?
If not, now is the perfect time for a pre emergent weed prevention application. Pre emergent prevents weeds and grasses from germinating as the temperature drops. It is far easier to prevent weeds and grasses before they appear than afterwards.
Follow this up with a good dose of nitrogen for that last of the summer green and then put out your rye grass next month to have an even green all year round.
Even if you do not put out rye grass for the winter (and you should! more about that later), you still need to prepare your lawn for a long cold winter. This month use an all nitrogen fertilizer with a fifty percent slow release formula. This will get it good and green over the next month and feed it right up to the time for your winterizer formula that will help get it through a long hibernation.
Once you have this done< it is time to decide if rye grass is right for you. It has many benefits to your turfs overall condition. Remember last january when everything was brown and dormant except for all the fallen leaves laying on the turf and all of those pesky purple flowering weeds? Rye grass is a great way to prevent winter weeds and prevent fallen leaves from damaging the dormant turf.
Weekly mowing is the best single thing you can do to keep the overall appearance of your turf, even if it is winter.
Rye grass roots also help keep the soil aerated and healthy. Rye grass comes in several varieties and some are much better than others. Annual rye grass and perennial rye grass both come in seed for m and are applied with a spreader to overseed the existing turf. If done at the proper time, there will be no “brown time” in the lawn.
Annual rye grass has a brighter green color and grass much taller, requiring more frequent mowing. Perennial rye has a darker green color and grow much less in a weeks time under the same conditions. Whichever type you choose, be prepared to mow, water and fertilize just as you did with the warm season grass you normally have.
As Mentioned above, pre emergent and rye seed have to be timed just right to get the best results from your rye seed. Pre emergent prevents the germination of seed, so naturally you dont want to put both down at the same time or you will not get a very good germination rate.

If you need any help with this task, feel free to contract me and I can set you on the right road to a beautiful winter lawn!

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